Fortune Green – May Half-Term Playscheme

It was a busy half-term week for the kids from PACE with lots of fun activities at Fortune Green plus trips to a city farm and a visit to Camley Street Natural Park.  The farm trip was a huge success; Farmer Chris introduced the children to lots of the animals, but it was Margie the pig who really stole the show. Down at Camley Street, bugs and water creatures attracted lots of interest and the children even caught a few.  Everyone has their own special memories of the week, and the kids were delighted to share a few of the fun things they got up to.

Ella who is 7 didn’t go on the trips, but she loved spending time at Fortune Green, while 5 year old Emily made a new friend who taught her how to do cartwheels.  9 year old Mia is a bit of an artist, and during half-term week she painted a colourful striped picture.

The children always enjoy learning about nature, and 7 year old Tenise says that the highlight of her week was planting seeds.  She hopes to see some beautiful purple flowers soon.  Of course, Camley Street is an excellent place to get close to nature, and this green space in the heart of London’s King’s Cross is highly popular with all ages.  Andormaque who is 7 really got into the spirit of things – picking out insects and a water leech from the pond and even filling the tray with water so that they were able to survive.  6 year old Bailey made a home for bugs with the help of his friend, Luca aged 8.  They even caught a worm, a centipede and a beetle!

Liam aged 5 can’t make up his mind which part of the week he enjoyed most, and says he liked playing ‘it’ at the adventure playground and he loved seeing the horses at the city farm.  The children were thrilled to meet animals up close, and the farm is home to pigs, sheep, goats and horses.  Margie The Pig

The PACE children are an energetic bunch, and tree climbing allowed them to show off their skills.  Bethlehem aged 10 said that she only climbed one tree, but it was a really tall tree and it was ‘so scary’ when she looked down.  8 year old Anissa also liked this a lot, and loved the fact that she was allowed to climb the tree alone.

The half-term week was a resounding success, and of course it was a terrific opportunity for the children to make new friends and catch up with old friends.  Perhaps this particular week is best summed up by Timothy aged 6.  Timothy went to Camley Street and caught lots of blood worms and leeches.  He had a fantastic time playing table football and snooker, and said that the best part of his week was ‘EVERYTHING!’