Preschool Newsletter November/December 2014


We have been super busy in November and December! We have taken part in some really exciting new experiences! We made pretend snow! That was so much fun! We explored the textures and used word such as “soft” “cold” and “wet”. We made it sparkle by adding glitter. We used it for building snowmen – we used play food as the noses! We also spooned it into cooking pots and saucepans and “cooked” it. The children had a trip to the post office to send some important packages. They watched the clerk weighing the items, measuring it and taking the money. The children all chose their own leaflet and put them in the role play are. In the New Year we plan to go to the post office again, then building our role play area up to be a post office. The children have also really enjoyed playing “book shops”. They very carefully wrapped the books that they were selling. They were very skilled at folding and sticking! It took lots of very precise and careful skill for them to wrap the books successfully. The children queued up very patiently and waited for the “cashier” to call “next please!” We spoke about Remembrance Day, and remembering important people, the conversations moved on to people who help us. The children had a think about who helps us and why. We also spoke about how we can help each other. The children made poppies to mark the day, which I am sure you have seen displayed on the small display board. The children used different size circles, and spoke about “big” and “small” when making them. As you may have seen, we have decorated our Christmas tree. The children chose the decorations and decided where to put them, then they it there themselves. We have been preparing a lot for Christmas. We have been wrapping “presents” for under the tree, making cards and learning “Jingle Bells” ready for the upcoming festivities. As it is also Hanukkah soon we have been making Menorahs out of hand prints, looking at candles, making candles and talking about why we lights candles over eight days. We have been making hats and been talking about our party on Friday. We have all been very excited! We’ve said “happy Birthday” to Menar, Benjamin and Freddie who all turned three! We would like to say a Big “Happy Birthday” to Muadh who is turning three when we are closed and to Kimia who is turning two when we are away! We also said Happy Birthday to Sasha and Mel!