A sad goodbye to our Pre-Schoolers.

Fairfield Leavers Poem

Reehan was first, to come through our door,

Sam was next in, and he loved to explore.

Freddie loved heroes, and wore the nice dress,

John loved his Courtney, and helped tidy mess.

Sophie was quiet, but soon showed her voice!

Brayden made friends, and was everyone’s choice!

Mahad and Adam, Were often good friends,

Exauce would always, Sing songs to the end!

Amber was head strong, she knows her own mind,

Benji’s lost socks, Were quite hard to find!

Riyanna would jump, And hop like a bunny,

Aala was shy but terribly funny!

Ellie loved Sharon, she made that quite clear,

Sidh loved a tickle, he would laugh and then cheer.

Maison loved Sophie, they liked making trouble,

Adam and Yucuf had cuteness, but double!

Faiza was chilled out and would go with the flow,

Menar was so proud, she would tell and show.

Muadh ran so fast, he was as speedy as light,

Armaan did not let, his hat out of sight!

Aleena liked climbing, when she did so she giggled,

Courtney would wait ‘til her turn to be tickled!

Kimberly liked water, she was always so wet,

Jalil liked small spaces, and in them he’d get.

Anmolika would look in the office, and say “hiya”,

Joudy was small, but her fun spread like fire!

Roxy and Sharon and Vicky are sad,

Rumana and Sasha and Tracy feel bad.

Lakshmi and Glenys and Abi are mad,

Mubo and AJ and Leandra aren’t glad!

We had so much fun with you in our care,

So many memories we have to share!


We hope you have fun in you brand new school, and we’ll miss you so much ‘cos you guys are cool!

Remember to have fun, and keep being you, cos the years you have lived have only been few. You have much more life left and learning to do, but don’t forget us and we won’t forget you!

Good luck in your new adventures, be happy, make friends and be awesome!

Lots of love,

Roxy, Sharon, Sasha, Rumana, Lakshmi, Mel, Tracy, Vicky, Glenys, Leandra, Abi, AJ and Mubo (everyone who works at preschool!)

We’ll miss you! xxxxx